Our Culture code

Key Rohlik Ingredients

Based on everything we know today, we believe these ingredients are the best way for us to continue to be successful in the future. However, as we keep learning we will always be open to challenging whether some of these ingredients have become less relevant and whether we need to add or remove an ingredient.

The ingredients are integral to every aspect of our Rohlik life. They are prerequisites for our decisions to launch a new service feature for customers, to hire and to promote, to evaluate performance and much more.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Europeans Eat Well and Live Well.

We achieve this by delivering quality groceries in a fast and convenient manner with excellent customer service. We help our customers enjoy healthier and happier lives, spending more time doing what they love rather than waiting in traffic and supermarket queues.

We fully realize that changing the old habit of going to a grocery store is not an easy feat. That’s why we believe that what we build at Rohlik has to be not “just better than the traditional way” of shopping, but ten times better.


Life at Rohlik

Continuous improvement

Outside the comfort zone

We didn’t join Rohlik to make our lives more comfortable. Changing what people think and how they shop is difficult. It’s a somewhat painful process for our customers and it’s also painful for us. Sometimes it hurts to step out of comfort zones. We do it anyway, because we know it helps us have stronger ideas and move forward faster.

Not about ego

We like to weigh different ideas: sometimes we go ahead and try, sometimes we adjust and make it better, sometimes we park it for later, sometimes we kill it completely. The intention is always to make Rohlik better. Having your idea or your area challenged often feels personal. But remember, this is not about our ego, this is about making our customers’ lives better.

Mistakes are welcome

The best way to get better is to admit our mistakes, provide and accept feedback and adjust accordingly. To err is human. We need people who are not afraid of making mistakes, but then also don’t shy away from facing the truth.

Powered by
technology, data-driven in everything we do

We use world-leading technology & logistics to deliver a vast range of quality products in only 2-3 hours. With data and software -driven approach, Rohlik Group has become Central Europe’s fastest-growing online grocery shop.

We use the data-driven approach in all possible processes from hiring new colleagues to creating features for new customers.

Diversity brings
the best results

A monotonous meal would be boring, and in the same way, a homogeneous team would not bring the most exciting results. You are welcome at Rohlik Group for who you are, no matter where you come from, what you look like, what you believe, or what’s on your plate.

Giving back

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