Are we a good fit?

Our goal in life is to make other peoples’ lives better. Such a mission is difficult, life at Rohlik is difficult – it is not for everyone.

Is it the right one for you?

Who we hire

People who work at Rohlik are independent thinkers with an opinion.

Your personal “Rohlikness” check

This little checklist is made for you. It may be hard to imagine what life with Rohlik will be like. These eight questions help you see for yourself if you would like it or not.

Please, answer the questions truthfully. If you don’t, it will only make your life miserable in the future. We don’t want that.

Amaze the customer

Our Customer is in the centre of our universe. Everything we do, we do for them.

Move quickly

Better done than perfect. We build, improve and deliver fast.

Always challenge the status quo

We are brave. We are not scared of taking ownership and making decisions.

Keep learning

We keep learning. Information is power. Change is life and opportunity.

Deliver results and have impact

Market standard is not good enough. We aim to win, be the best and ahead of the market. We keep innovating.

Be radically open and transparent

We are open and honest with ourselves, our teammates and our customers. We crave and are able to accept feedback.

Have fun

We fight in a tough environment. All the more important to have fun and keep perspective.

Think big and think like an owner

We are bold and dare to change the future and help Europe to Eat Well, Live Well.

Your Rohlikness match: 0/34

Your Rohlikness match: 0/34

Oops, let’s don’t butter it up: working at Rohlik Group is not for everyone, and that is ok.

You probably would not feel well in our company and we do not want that. We still hope we can make you happy as a customer 🙂

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